Downtime Manager 6.5.1

Downtime Manager 6.5.1: DownTime Manager keeps track of your equipment downtime. DownTime Manager keeps track of your equipment downtime.Use it for industry,fleet maintenance computers,etc.Easily track downtime and find the problems areas with equipment.Plots downtime by month,type of downtime and what shift the downtime occured. DownTime Manager is a great help for predictive and preventive maintenance.

Webdomain Monitoring Tool Webdomain monitoring tool checks uptime downtime and ping status of your website
Webdomain Monitoring Tool

downtime status notification program is very useful to grow up your e-business applications and provides facility to increase traffic to your all websites. Real time website tracker tool provides advance monitoring view and main monitoring view. Features: * Webdomain status tracker tool checks uptime, downtime, IP address and response time of your all websites. * Webpage downtime checker utility alerts you about current time condition of your all

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Website Downtime Monitoring Tool Software continuously monitors your websites uptime and downtime performance
Website Downtime Monitoring Tool

Website monitoring tool continuously checks the uptime and downtime status of your websites of any HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3 or SMTP servers placed at any remote location. Software keep records, when your sites goes down due to any reason like low bandwidth server or host not found, not responding then it alert you via email, beep alarm or run a specific program. Utility monitors uplink, downlink or ping status of your business or personal sites.

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Automated Website Monitor Tool Website checker software track online offline website performance in real time
Automated Website Monitor Tool

Real time site monitoring utility monitor website performance including ping, uptime or downtime status of your website and alert to you by sending email, sound beep or run specific program when website shows downtime notification. Website tracking software keeps constant watch on every second performance of your website. Web server monitoring software supports all types of internet services protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP and FTP.

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Website Monitor Software Website performance analyzer software monitors and checks real time performance
Website Monitor Software

Website performance analyzer software can determines uptime, downtime, availability and ping status of any site. Website status monitoring utility can monitor HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP server protocols and determines about performance uptime, downtime, seek time and ping status of any website. Website status monitoring application helps you to daily promote your website so that user can save his time and money in accessing your sites.

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ServiceKeeper 4.8.43

downtime via: Email (SMTP), pager, SMS, Windows messaging (Net Send), Phone call notification using computer-generated speech, HTML and Event Log Users have the possibility to notify all group members and combine multiple notification tools. 4.Statistic Reports on overall availability, downtime detection and recoveries. 5. Services scheduling: Stops services at night during backups, Restricts server access at specific times, Restarts services every

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Web Site Performance Monitor Program Website uptime tracker utility track Web based application performance status
Web Site Performance Monitor Program

downtime condition checking application which monitors your website on server for increasing real time performance of web programs. Website tracking application confirms your website connection on every instant. Website availability monitoring software displays the record about the network accessibility and availability and your website uptime and downtime. Real time website URL monitoring wizard can run on all windows based operating system including

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